Welcome to Sweetly Surprised! My name is Jenna, and I am interested in many things –sunsets & the sky, ladybugs, family, people, love, the moon, the beach, sweet surprises, and a few other things…

History: I created this blog back in 2010. It lasted for 3.5 years. For various reasons, I decided to close up shop… until now.

What to Expect: This will be a work in progress -but, what’s not? We are all a work in progress, especially if we’re open and aim for growth.

I will be sharing random thoughts and insight because that’s what I do best.

I began writing my book in 2010, as well. Although I will finish it one day, I admittedly have wandered away from writing diligently. Reopening this blog is my effort to commit to getting back into my element.

Why Are You Here? If you stumble upon this site, and if you read something you can relate with -God bless; that would make me very happy. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, I’ll be returning and writing for myself.

I hope that things happen for a reason, though it often becomes difficult to have faith. But, if you do stumble upon this randomly, please try to have faith that it was for a reason, and that you read the words you read because you needed to see them.

I would love to hear from you via comments on the site or a private message: SweetlySurprised@gmail.com

Origin: Originally, this blog was named after something I labeled the Sweetest Surprise. You can read that story on my writing website by clicking that link. It’s pretty inspiring.

You can also watch the video, below. It’s a video (my brother helped to create/edit) for a book proposal contest I entered in 2010. Though the jet skis turned out to be a bit loud (in the video), I think you’ll get the gist if you try and listen carefully.

The Meaning Behind It All: At the end of the day, the backbone behind this blog was/is to find the silver lining behind life’s events. Life is all about surprises; life is a surprise. And, the best thing we can do is find the positive, sweet parts. I think it’s a mindset and a habit to develop.

Today, I hope you find yourself Sweetly Surprised.

[If you watch the video, click the ‘gear’ icon on the bottom right-hand corner, click ‘quality’ and choose 1080p]